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Company Overview
Established in 2007, Athena Best together with its subsidiaries and related companies provides professional one-stop financial services to both institutional and individual clients throughout Asia. Our services cover a wide array of retail and B2B Brokerage Services, Financial Platform Services, Financial Planning Consultancy Services, and Asset Management Services.

Subsidiaries and Related Companies' Profile:

Best Managed Wealth Limited
A member of The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers as an authorized insurance brokerage company (Membership No. 419) and a registered MPF Corporate Intermediary under the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Authority (MPF Registration No. IC000872). This company specializes in providing B2B financial platform services to institutions in the Asian region. Its team of professional independent financial advisors is also able to provide clients with all-round financial planning, insurance and MPF services. The company, with the expertise of its management team and a well-developed services platform, is dedicated to offer the best solutions and highest quality of services for its business partners and clients.

Athena Wealth Management Limited
A licensed corporation under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (CE No. AQR074, licensed for regulated activities Type 1 - Dealing in Securities, Type 4 - Advising on Securities, and Type 9 - Asset Management respectively). The company offers professional investment advice, private wealth management services, and customized asset management services for its clients. Through its experienced research team, it offers comprehensive investment analysis and research support to group members.

ABF Management Company Limited
Commit to offering professional financial planning and portfolio management services to clients in Asia.

AB Wealth Management Limited
A company incorporated in British Virgin Islands, with its core businesses being the provision of offshore asset management services to clients in Asia-Pacific.
Neith Wealth Management Limited
It is a registered Labuan securities licensee under the Labuan Financial Services Authority in Malaysia. This company focuses on providing wealth management services to high-end clients in Southeast Asia.
Minerva Fund Management Company Limited
A registered fund manager corporation under the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands (License No. SIBA/L/11/0976). This company is dedicated to the development and management of fund products to offer quality asset management services to clients.

AB Agile Company Limited
An information technology company under Athena Best Financial Group, and spearheads the enormous backup system that drives Athena Best and its subsidiaries, thereby strengthening our information services and development.
Athena Intellects Company Limited
Established in 2011, with the introduction of the advanced inborn-talent assessment tool called “IGS Multiple Intelligence Assessment System”, the company has assisted different age groups, in particular children, in maximizing their potential by utilizing their talents.
Intermediary Platform Company Limited (“IPC”)
Specialize in providing a centralized platform for Hong Kong insurance brokers. IPC aims to utilize the powerful infrastructure that is already in place to assist other Hong Kong insurance brokers to stay competitive in the ever challenging Hong Kong financial industry.