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Individual Services
We provide a professional and comprehensive range of financial services and products tailor-made to fulfill the needs of our valuable clients. Our services include:
Personal Financial Planning
Athena Best’s professional financial planners helps each client understand their unique advantages and financial needs before offering all-round insurance products and diversified investment solutions that match their portfolio.

We are there with you through the different stages of life, backing you up with the protection of insurance against loss of life, medical emergencies, deadly diseases and accidents. Through our professional investment tools, we can assist you in achieving different saving goals, from business ventures, marriage, births, childrens’ educational expenses, property down payments, retirement, travel plans and more. Our services also cover estate trustees, asset succession, and immigration arrangements.
Investment Planning

Unit-linked Investment Products
Unit-linked investment products offer you a simple platform for fund investments. Under a single platform, you can access a well-selected fund list and other investment tools. Tax benefits can also be enjoyed with this type of product.

Unit Trust / Mutual Funds Investment
We partner with reputable global financial institutions in offering you a comprehensive range of fund and mutual fund choices. By investing in funds, you can grasp global investment opportunities and diversify your investment portfolio.

Immigration Consulting Services
Our professional immigration consulting services provide expert advice on immigration. We can apply for the Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) for clients.



Insurance Planning
Everyone wants to ensure that their beloved family is well-protected. However, when the unexpected happens, financial hardship may be looming around the corner. Illnesses might place heavy burdens on both the patients and their families.
Our Insurance Planning services select the most suitable products for individual clients to provide all-round protection, including Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Accident Protection, Critical Illness Protection and Medical Protection.
Retirement Planning

Annuity Plans
Annuity products are popular in the market. This type of plan provides interest to accumulate savings and lifetime annuities so you can enjoy a worry-free retirement.

As a registered MPF intermediary under the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Authority, we offer advice on the selection of MPF schemes and underlying constituent funds for clients.


Portfolio Management Service
Our clients benefit from one of the most sophisticated Portfolio Management Service available. Investment solutions are personally customized by our Financial Planners and your portfolio is then managed by our investment experts.
This systematic portfolio management helps maximize our clients’ investment returns. Our aims of meeting the predefined target returns and minimizing risks are achieved through asset allocation and risk diversification, as well as technical and fundamental analysis.